Reinforcing a culture of integrity and probity at all levels remains high on our agenda. The Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) has been taking concrete preventive and investigative measures in this endeavour.

Investigation into cases of corruption is conducted in a systematic manner in line with the principles of impartiality and independence.

On average, 1600 complaints are recorded annually, out of which 33% are pursuable and subject to preliminary investigation. Around 8-10% of cases land up at the further investigation stage. As at date, 151 persons have been convicted for corruption and money laundering cases (97 persons for money laundering cases and 54 persons for corruption cases) and 150 cases are pending before the Intermediate Court.

For enhanced effectiveness in investigation, much emphasis is laid on the recruitment of staff possessing the appropriate skills and training of staff. This year 10 trainee investigators have been recruited to reinforce the investigation team. In addition, local and overseas training are provided to staff at various levels. For example, in–house court-oriented simulation trainings in the form of mock trials are held with a view to address specific issues. Overseas training, delivered by international institutions and stakeholders, are also provided to officers.Read More