It is most encouraging that this meeting is taking place immediately after the Transparency International (TI) has just released the 2013 results of the Corruption Perception Index (CPI). From about three years ago, Lesotho’s ranking has been making a very steady progress until last year (2012), when Lesotho achieved a record ranking since 2005, 64th position globally and 7th in Africa. The 2013 results have shown even a greater improvement, for the first time Lesotho hitting 55th position globally, 6th position in Africa and 55% score, despite the number of surveys used. This is unprecedented in the history of the country.

The Kingdom of Lesotho was most privileged to be accorded the rare opportunity to host the 10th Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Southern African Forum Against Corruption (SAFAC) last year, 22 – 24 October, 2012. The significance of hosting the SAFAC AGM needs not be over-emphasised, but two benefits that go with the hosting are, first, a member gets to contribute in the shared responsibility of ensuring that the SAFAC initiative lives on, thus demonstrating the commitment to advancing regional cooperation in combating corruption thereby promoting socio-economic and political development of all our peoples in the region. Secondly, the hosting of the SAFAC AGM is an event that speaks to the political leadership of the country and the general populace in ways that may not be easily expressed in so far as fighting corruption is concerned. A country begins to appreciate its value as a regional player in the fight against corruption, and naturally commits to doing more. This, therefore, becomes a serious and strong lobby event in support of already on-going anti-corruption initiatives including any challenges that a member may be facing. Lesotho has indeed been a direct beneficiary of the strategic significance of hosting the AGM.  Read more