Swaziland Country Report 2012.

The government and the Kingdom is committed to moving forward in the effort to curb or fight corruption as it is a signatory to three regional instruments on corruption such as the United nations Convention Against corruption (UNCAC). The conventions provide a strategic guidance on international and national anti-corruption approaches that could be adopted by countries. Swaziland recognized Article 5(1) of the UNCAC that which stipulates that “Each State Party, shall in accordance with the fundamental principles of its legal system, develop and implement or maintain effective, coordinated anti corruption policies that promote the participation of society and reflect the principles of rule of law, proper management of public affairs and public property, integrity, transparency, and accountability.

The good long term relationship between Swaziland and the United Nations Development Programme has seen Swaziland engaging the services of a consultant to draft a National Anti- Corruption Policy that is at its final stages now. The document is an outcome of extensive analysis of the corruption issue in Swaziland sourced from a wide consultation and views from stake holders in the public and private and civil society sectors including the media. The policy considers the fight against corruption in three sectors, the legal Frame work, Institutional Framework and The Social Framework