Tanzania Country Report 2010. 

The Government of Tanzania continues in confronting the problem of corruption in the country.Tanzania anti-corruption campaign efforts focus to improve the country’s economy, living standards and business environment.
Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) continue with the implementation of National AntiCorruption Strategy and Plans (NACSAP II, 2008 -2011). Fostering closer ties and partnership with the community and provide the public with information to enhance their ability to take initiatives to fight corruption in the country. 
This year Tanzania is going to have a general election for presidential sit and Members of Parliament. PCCB has taken charge to educate and create awareness of the newly Election Act which was signed early this year. Fighting corruption depends on Political will; PCCB makes an effort to make sure that no leader will be chosen using bribes. PCCB make a closer follow up of the campaign and identify those who try to use corruption. Read more